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Flower Delivery


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Sunbury Flower Delivery


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Giving flowers is an art that has been around for years. A fresh floral arrangement has always been one of the best gift options for centuries. And it is with good reason. Gifting a fresh bunch of blooms is a perfect way to lift someone’s mood.

Today, the art of giving flowers continues, but with some aspects of modernity. For instance, you can send flowers remotely through an online Sunbury flower delivery service. How to send flowers isn’t the only thing that has changed. The reasons for giving flowers have also evolved.

It may have begun as simply expressing love for others. Currently, however, there are countless reasons people choose to send flowers as gifts. Here are a few common floral gift-giving examples:

What is similar between traditional and modern flower-giving?

Not everything has changed since the tradition of giving flowers started centuries ago. In fact, two of the three main floral styles originate from ancient English and Japanese cultures. It means floral bouquet designs, colours, and types of blooms still have the same historic meanings. How these choices work together to convey different messages hasn’t changed throughout the years.

And it is incredible just how much these messages can vary between different flowers. Below are a few shared reasons why the custom has we give floral gifts:

Do Flowers Express Emotions?

We primarily give flowers as gifts to create an emotional attachment with others. Be it joy, appreciation, romance, love, apologies, affection, or romance; giving flowers is the most elegant way to express your deepest feelings. No tradition communicates human emotions better than gifting flowers or bespoke bouquets. Plus, there are decades of studies and cultural myths to prove it.

Overall, blooms are a symbol of love and care. But these can easily be improved to customise the gift for any occasion. The type of flower, its colour, and arrangement will ultimately determine the emotion expressed between the giver and receiver.

How Do Flowers Promote Intimate Connections?

Some of us lack the confidence to express our feelings. That’s where blooms come in handy. Flowers help us say those words we cannot say to promote intimate connections. If you’ve received floral gifts before you’ll agree there’s something touching about getting them. They show someone thinks about you, especially if they are personalised to your favourite flowers, colour or emotion.

The art of gifting lies in the specifics and giving blooms is no exception. You encourage intimate connections by remembering intricate details about the recipient’s likes and dislikes. When they get a bespoke floral bouquet, it can show the attention you’ve paid and the level of care you feel.

Today could be the best to give someone flowers. Be it to show gratitude, sorrow, or simply make someone’s day, blooms are an excellent way to do it. Our Sunbury flower delivery service can help you send them. Call us to learn more or browse our online catalogue to send a floral gift.  Or you can try our sister brand Bountiful Garden Florist