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Flower Delivery


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Kinglake Flower Delivery


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A single flower or a bunch of blooms may express love, joy, apology, or just be a thoughtful gesture. Blooms have played an essential role as gifts and gestures throughout human history. While the specifics in meanings and traditions may evolve, flowers are part of our connections. And our virtual florist store at Bountiful Courtyard Florist makes organising a Kinglake flower delivery a lot easier. Our skilled floral designers will help you personalise floral gifts to the recipient’s favourite blooms, colour, and style.

What’s the earliest history of giving flowers?

Floriography is the language of flowers. This language stretches back thousands of years in human history as a communication tool. Ancient Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, and Roman mythology and stories all mention the use of flowers. In fact, the Greeks held flowers in high regard, associating them with their gods.

 What’s the history of floriography?

Existing evidence about the culture of gifting flowers dates back to the middle ages. Therefore, giving floral gifts a significant part of our customs. This significantly increased when the English and French were visiting Turkey in the mid-1700s. They discovered a comprehensive language of flowers with meanings to different flower types. Out of that, the Victorian culture came up with connotations for each flower characteristic.

What’s the Victorian floristry culture?

The Victorians lived in an era where people did not believe in showing emotions. That’s why floriography quickly became an acceptable form of expression. In the classic Victorian era fashion, great effort and detail went into creating meaning to everything concerning a bloom. Its condition, size, colour, and anything linked to flowers, including their positions in a floral arrangement. They all had different meanings that expressed emotions without saying a word. Presenting and receiving flowers, plus the hand that was used, also had meaning. For instance, giving flowers to someone upside down conveyed the opposite of its original meaning.

What are the flower messages?

Books and guides made in the Victorian era served as a decoder to those giving and receiving blooms. What you might say in a text message today could be conveyed without a single word. However, you had to know the meanings and characteristics of those flowers. Of course, all the flower language books were not written by one author. Neither were the guides created at the same time. So, chances are that the giver and receiver had different interpretations of the gesture.

What’s modern about gifting flowers today?

The history of gifting flowers continues to evolve. Initially, it was unfitting for a woman to give blooms to a man. Today, it no longer appears a rarity. So, unlike prehistoric times, we have internationally acceptable flower language guides, thanks to modern technology.

Online florists offer new ways to deliver real floral bouquets anywhere in the world. Scientific and technological advances allow for round-the-year blooms of every flower type. And here at In Full Bloom, we are proud to be part of writing the new flower-giving history. We have gifted florists who understand what flowers symbolise in different cultures. With our Kinglake flower delivery service, you can send florist-tailored floral gifts anywhere in Melbourne. Call or email us for assistance in conveying your intimate feelings to a loved one when words are not enough.