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Funeral Flowers


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5 Best Funeral Flowers Melbourne to Console the Bereaved


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Whether you’re a friend or a relative, you’d want to send your condolences to them at such difficult moments. 

Sending some funeral flowers Melbourne is the perfect way of expressing your sympathy with your loved ones. 

Funeral flowers in Melbourne can speak volumes of what your heart feels—when your words don’t seem to speak enough of the grief you share. 

However, most people find it challenging to choose the best funeral flowers to send to the grieved. 

Not to worry, this post will walk you through some of the best funeral flowers in Melbourne and their meaning. 

What Are the Best Funeral Flowers Melbourne?

1. Lilies

 Lilies are the best funeral flowers for many—especially the white lily, symbolising that the fallen hero’s soul has gone back to a peaceful state. 

Lilies are associated with funerals because they indicate the peaceful state restored in the dead. 

Different lilies symbolise different meanings, but white is known to express purity and majesty. 

It’s believed that Mary’s tomb was covered with white lilies, symbolising virginity, radiance and purity of the deceased among Christians. 

2. Roses 

Roses are the second most preferred funeral flowers, and just like lilies, different roses have different meanings. 

White roses symbolise innocence, spirituality and purity. On the other hand, a deep red rose evokes grief and love in a funeral. 

A yellow rose at a funeral is meant to show the unity and bond that existed between the giver and the deceased, while dark pink roses show you’re thankful to the dead—for the life and moments you both shared. 

If you’ve lost a friend or relative, you can combine roses with other flowers. Alternatively, you can use roses in a standing spray, casket spray, or even in a wreath.  

3. Carnations

Carnations are best for standing sprays and funeral wreaths, and like with other funeral flowers, different carnation colours have different meanings. White, just like the other flowers, symbolises innocence, while red carnations symbolise affection. 

For Christian believers, pink carnations are preferred as it’s believed that they were created from Mary’s tears. Carnations are the best funeral flowers to give personalised tributes to the fallen heroes. 

4. Hydrangea

Many people haven’t talked about this flower as much as other flowers, such as lilies and roses. However, most people believe that this flower shows your heartfelt condolences to the deceased. Get the plant version of this flower as it lasts longer than the cut version. 

With its beautiful shades, soft petals and billowing blooms, this is the perfect flower you can use to express your gratitude to your fallen loved one. The best of all is that there are many hydrangea flower arrangements you can choose from. 

5. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is usually added to most assorted funeral flowers, and they convey different meanings. For example, hyacinth funeral flowers could mean that you have included the deceased in your prayers or extreme pain. 

However, some people portray this flower differently. For example, some believe that this flower is best for games and sports. So you must be careful not to add more sorrow to the friends and relatives of the deceased. 

All the same, hyacinth flowers offer some sweet fragrance to a funeral flower arrangement. If you choose to use hyacinth flowers in funerals, you’ll be communicating deep sorrow left for the departed soul. 

Funeral Flowers Melbourne—Console Your Loved Ones 

Besides attending the funeral ceremonies and expressing your sorrow in words, funeral flowers are an excellent way to show what’s deep in your heart. Depending on how connected you were with the deceased, these funeral flowers in Melbourne will be your perfect choices.