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5 Top Florist Donnybrook Trends Surging in Popularity in 2021


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Flowers are excellent for home decor but can also help convey messages that you may not communicate verbally. While flowers are a natural beauty, they can also express our feelings and moods to those we love.  

This is why understanding the top florist Donnybrook trends surging in 2021 would be significant. In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the top florist Donnybrook trends surging in 2021 and what you should do to match the trends. 

5 Top Florist Donnybrook Trends Surging in Popularity in 2021

Flowers are growing in significance—not just in homes but also in ceremonies and events—to help express feelings and emotions. 

For example, you can use flowers to express heartfelt condolences to the bereaved. But what are some of the top florist trends you shouldn’t miss in 2021? 

1. Personalisation 

In 2021, flowers will go beyond their appearance—this year, flowers will need a bit of personalisation and curation so that they come out as a perfect gift for our loved ones. 

2020 has been a year to reckon with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the world, restricting movement globally. Thanks to the reducing number of infections and lockdown restrictions being lifted in most parts of Australia. 

This is the perfect time to gift your loved one—whom you haven’t met in a long time due to the restrictions in movement resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Instead of just choosing and purchasing just any flower, shoppers will be more than willing to spend a little extra on personalised bouquets. In other words, 2021 is a year when everyone wants to be unique, including the flower gifts they will give to their loved ones. 

2. Weddings and Special Occasions

In 2020, the government restricted most gatherings, and that means they cancelled most wedding plans. There’s nothing as disappointing as this, but at least you kept safe from the Coronavirus. 2021 is going to be the year when wedding flowers are going to be a hit. 

Weddings conducted during the summer and spring will still rely on soft colours and pastels, symbolising romanticism. However, cool green flowers and soft lilacs will provide more dimension during weddings, so many people will go after them. 

Depending on the wedding ceremony or occasion you’ll be attending in 2021, get your loved one a bouquet to help express your mood and feelings. 

3. Minimalist Design

People are moving away from being too technical and embracing simplicity. And this is why a minimalist design is one of the top trends you should pay attention to in 2021. Customers will be looking forward to more simple and decent designs instead of more complex ones. 

Because minimalist designs are the trend in 2021, you need to prepare adequately and ensure customers are getting just that. Green foliage, white wildflowers, or white florals are just examples of minimalist designs you should have in your store. 

4. Dried Flowers

If you thought dried flowers are a thing of the past, not just yet. This is one of the 2021 trends you should not brush off. Dried flowers are best for decorating the interior section of your house. Besides, they can also provide natural scent around your home, making it the best place to be. 

Dried flowers trended in the early 1980s, not because they were cheap but because they were hard to come by. Today, dried flowers are popular because you can use them to decorate the interior sections of your home while still providing a natural scent. 

Watch Out for These Florist Donnybrook Trends in 2021

Based on the above florist Donnybrook trends, flowers are no longer going to be luxury. Instead, most people are going to consider them a necessity to express their feelings and emotions. As a result, flowers will be used to spread love and joy more than ever before.