What flower represents love – 10 Flowers You Can Gift To Convey Your Love

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Post: What flower represents love – 10 Flowers You Can Gift To Convey Your Love

What Flower Represents Love – 10 Flowers Meaning Love that You Can Gift to Convey Your Love

Wondering what flower represents love? Flowers have been used as a way to communicate love for centuries. From ancient times, people would use flowers to express very complex emotions.For example, the rose was seen as a symbol of romantic love. While many types of flowers could be given to someone to convey love, some of the most popular include white lilies, red roses, tulips, daffodils, and sunflowers.

Ten Flowers that Mean Love

Here are ten flowers that are well known as they convey love. Any one of them is a great pick to give as a gift to your loved ones. However, red roses are the most popular pick when gifting your loved ones.If you are only into roses, check out our red roses collection, Desire! It makes a perfect flower gift for your adored ones!

Red Roses

Red roses are the most popular flower given as a symbol of love. They are often associated with Valentine's Day and are given to show feelings of passion and love.  Red roses are also associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love and passion.

Red Tulip

The red tulip symbolises love, passion, and lust.  It is said that giving someone a red tulip means that you are in love with them. They originated from areas of Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Turkey and quickly became popular as garden decorations.The red tulip is very popular among younger couples.


Lilies are often used as symbols of love and purity. They come in various colours, including white, yellow, and pink. As per Greek myth, Lilies are also associated with rebirth and motherhood. And in China, Lilies are a popular decoration for weddings.


The daisy is a cheerful-looking flower that comes in various colours and sizes. It is often associated with simplicity, childhood innocence, purity, charm, loyal love, and availability. In Norse mythology, Daisy was associated with the goddess Freya. Daisy often symbolises sensuality, fertility, and love.


Carnations are a flower that has been used for centuries to represent love. The carnation's colour can indicate the feeling behind the given flower. Different colours represent different feelings for love, depending on their respective shades.The red colour symbolises love and affection. And the pink colour represents gratitude. Many also prefer white Carnations, and they convey the feelings of love or good luck.


The gardenia flower is popular for bouquets, arrangements, and home décor. They are prized for their pure white petals and intoxicating scent. The flower is often associated with secret love affairs due to its subtle and sweet smell. During Victorian times, when flowers were often used to convey messages discreetly, gardenias were considered the silent way to say "I love you" or "You're lovely." They're also associated with joy and bliss, making them the perfect celebratory flower – especially for weddings and engagements.

Alchemilla Mollis

Alchemilla Mollis, more commonly referred to as Lady's Mantle, is a type of wildflower that can be found worldwide. It has a delicate and unique appearance with soft green leaves that curl at the edges.This flower looks incredible when paired with deep shades of red and dark pinks in a bouquet, making it the perfect choice for expressing your love. Alchemilla is often given as a token of comfort to those who need it, letting them know that they are not alone.


Dahlias are a popular flower for weddings because of their long-lasting blooms and beautiful petals. They represent a lasting bond and commitment, making them the perfect choice for bridal bouquets and centrepieces.


The peony is a flower that has been used for centuries to represent love and romance. There are two main types of peonies: the white peony and the pink/red peony. The white peony is seen as a symbol of romanticism, while the pink/red variety has deeper meanings. Peonies are known for their colourful petals and fragrant flowers. They can be grown in many climates, including warm and humid areas.


The Orchid is a flower that has been around for centuries and has a deep connection, is deeply connected to Ancient Greece. There are different colours of Orchids that represent different meanings and symbols. The orchid represents luxury, beauty, strength, and love.ConclusionI hope this blog post has given you information on what flower represents love and how to convey love to the recipient properly.If you are unsure what flower to give your loved ones, then contact us, and we will suggest the best options. Buy flowers from us to see us supply you with the perfect leaf arrangement for any form of love sentiment.
What Flower Represents Love
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