What Are The Best Flowers For a First Date?

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Post: What Are The Best Flowers For a First Date?

Offering a beautiful bouquet with a lovely smile can make someone feel closer. If you're looking for a South Morang florist who is the leading flower dealer in Victoria—look no further than Bountiful Courtyard Floirst for the best flowers to give someone you cherish.

Why not make someone you’re attracted to or your significant other feel feminine and appreciated?

Below are a few beautiful flowers you can gift your date:

1. Sunflowers

You can show appreciation for your date after spending time together by gifting them with a sunflower bouquet. This relays a message that you’re yearning for the next date.

Sunflowers show that you wish someone happiness and warmth even if you won’t continue seeing each other.

It also signifies loyalty, indicating that you'll always be there and loyal to your date if she needs a helping hand. Sunflowers bring out a positive vibe that can lift your date’s spirit.

2. Tulips

Tulips only blossom during springtime when the sun first comes out, immediately after winter. So if you gift tulips to your first date, it symbolises that you’re serious about beginning a relationship with her.

Red tulips are the best flowers to convey one’s feelings—give a bouquet to someone you like. The best part is that they’re cheaper than other flowers such as roses.

Tulips are common in European countries like Italy, where several fields have many varieties.

3. Orchids

Orchids—exotic flowers that signify beauty, love and friendship—are usually used when you’d like your date to feel graceful.

It expresses that you see strength and beauty in her. Rarer orchids show a more profound passion for your date. They are excellent alternatives for a date who is wilder than you.

4. Daffodils

Daffodils are usually among the first flowers to bloom during spring. It is the ideal bouquet when you celebrate your tenth wedding anniversary, and it is also the official birth flower for March.

Daffodils signify that you are angelic.

In the Victorian era, suitors would give their loved ones daffodils, as it was prohibited to communicate your feelings with words. Many people believe that you will have 12 months of happiness if given daffodils.

5. Red Chrysanthemums

Red chrysanthemums are flowers that signify passion and love. You can give chrysanthemums to your date to show that you have romantic feelings for her.

You can also give a long-time friend a bouquet of red chrysanthemums to symbolise devotion and loyalty.

Chrysanthemums usually grow in harsh conditions and can therefore also symbolise enduring love. The flowers also symbolise true friendship, and you can give them to a friend who is always there for you at all times.

6. Lavender

Lavenders are deep purple, and they are well known for their sleep-inducing scent. Since the flower has a pleasant aroma, it is commonly used to convey romantic interest. You can give your date lavender to express devotion.

Lavenders also signify grace. You can give your date lavenders to symbolise sincerity (the flowers also symbolise purity).

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