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Post: Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Even though Christmas falls on the same day every year, it always appears out of nowhere. While some people begin compiling shopping lists as soon as the cold weather arrives, many folks end up dashing to the shopping centre on Christmas Eve to buy gifts for their loved ones. And while you could always slip a few dollars or gift cards into an envelope and call it a day, these last-minute Christmas presents demonstrate that you care about what's under the tree. Bountiful Courtyard Florist offers some last-minute Christmas gift suggestions for you, especially if you are looking for flower delivery in Romsey.

1. White Lilies

Lilies bring their sweet and crisp aroma to the holiday house in various arrangements—always traditional, gleaming brightly like a Christmas star.

Because of their adaptability, they appeal to anybody who appreciates fresh flowers.

2. Amaryllis

These beautiful beauties are similar to the holiday fireworks. They shoot up on their long stalks and erupt into a spectacular display of flowers that will last the entire season.

Their beauty is appropriate for various settings and will fit in a place in the recipient's house.

3. Spathiphyllum

A gleaming Peace Lily is an ingenious way to embrace the green highlights of the holiday season and add a festive tropical touch to anyone's holiday celebrations.

Their simple white blossoms are lovely, and they are simple to care for. On their own, they make a charming gift.

4. Orchid

If someone you know is feeling down this winter, an orchid is an ideal way to remind them of the joy of the Christmas season and the warmth of your affection.

Each plant has a unique set of blossoms that open like a bit of painting. Orchids are an unusual gift for your picky friend.

5. Roses

There is nothing more classic than roses, and their hues are spectacular throughout the Christmas season.
A bouquet of roses with seasonal accents would be a beautiful complement to any holiday dinner table. Choose from white, red, yellow, or pink.

6. Guzmania

Send a beautiful Guzmania plant to your loved ones to give them their own Christmas star.

The colour of these vibrant bromeliads will last for up to four months after they arrive. They're a spicy way to give anyone's cold days a long-lasting tropical kick.

7. Narcissus

A bunch of Narcissus in bloom will never be forgotten by friends who linger at the scented candles and sigh over the perfume shops. Their fragrance blends well with the scents of evergreen trees and seasonal candles, and their effect is a simple halo of exquisite flower spikes.

They are an unforgettable gift for offices or small apartments.

8. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoes are wonderful Christmas plants, even if they don't immediately come to mind. They blossom during the short winter days, and their easy maintenance and beautiful colours are a wonderful delight.

Any plant lover will enjoy their brightness and readiness to continue living happily and greenly long after the holidays are passed.

9. Anthurium

Anthurium plants, always ready for the holiday season, display their crimson hearts and brilliant green foliage with joy and grace. They're a present that will last long after the holidays are over. Give this lovely greenery to your favourite romance or tropical fan.

Flowers and green plants are always a welcome surprise - why not send one of our carefully curated selections to someone as a holiday treat?

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