How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Your Style of Home

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Post: How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Your Style of Home

Your home is your haven—it’s where you eat, sleep and live. In other words, everything you bring into it should reflect your style and joy. That’s why picking flowers to display in your home shouldn’t be any different. Flowers should match the interior design of your home and make you happy. Besides, blooms are a luxury, which should be represented when selecting a bouquet, so if you are looking for an Epping flower shop to help you identify flowers that match your style, we can help.

So how do you choose the perfect flowers for your style of home? Below are some ways to bring some ideal style to your home by carefully selecting the right blooms.

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1. The General Colour Scheme Should Be a Headstart

If a client wants help choosing flowers that match the interior of their house or a friend's, we first ask them the basics and the general colour theme of the home. If they don’t have a colour scheme, we tell them to think about the room to display the flowers. This helps with settling for the perfect flowers that’ll match their style of home.

2. Do You Want the Flowers to Complement Each Other?

Once you’ve considered the colour of the room or house you’ll have your flowers, and you need to decide whether you’d want the flowers to rhyme this or add bright colour. This is a matter of personal taste and is entirely up to you—just get creative.

When choosing a bouquet for someone else and aren’t sure, matching the flowers to the house is always an excellent option as you already know how much that person loves the colour you chose for them anyway.

3. Consider Personal Style

Considering personal taste while choosing flowers for your home design is very important. However, if you’re choosing a bouquet for a friend, and you’re unsure of their house interior, consider their taste in dressing.

Are they always immaculately groomed and would appreciate flowers like Arctic Skies, Sunrise, or True Romance?

Do they like to wear bright colours and prefer flowers like Floral Blush or Ruby? Maybe they want something a little more bohemian, like Paradise, Sensual Blooms, or Blooms & Berries.

Or what if they're always planning their next tropical vacation and would enjoy something exotic like Tropical Shores or Untamed Beauty.

In a nutshell, you can never go wrong with flowers because they're such a timeless luxury that everyone admires.

Additional Tips

This is one of the most challenging aspects of flower designing, especially if you've never done it before. There’s no such thing as a "perfect" flower that fits into any home.

It mostly has to do with your taste and the style you already have in the room. If you're concerned, some broad principles will help you prevent floral faux pas.

Choose flowers that are physically appropriate for your environment. If you want to put a bouquet on a shelf or a table, make sure it's appropriate to the size of the table so it doesn't look too crowded. Flowers that are either too large or too little for the space will look out of place.

Choose the colours well. There's no need to match flowers to the area thoroughly, but if your overall colour scheme is reds and golds, purple flowers might not be the ideal option. Pick a bouquet that is lovely and doesn't look out of place.

Decide on how significant the scent is to you. The fragrance has the power to split up your space. Have you ever entered a room with an air freshener blasting? Or passed past someone who was practically drenched in fragrance or perfume? It's evident in the worst possible way. If you choose aromatic flowers, scatter them throughout rather than using them all at once to avoid overwhelming you or your visitors.

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