How to Pick Flower Colours for a Wedding

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Post: How to Pick Flower Colours for a Wedding

Flowers are an essential component of weddings, even if trends come and go. They show your taste and originality and are beautiful to look at (and a centuries-long wedding tradition). And the best of all is that you can order your friend’s perfect wedding flowers with our flower delivery Bundoora services—once you have known the wedding theme colour.That leaves us with the question—how do you pick flower colours for a wedding? In this post, I’ll walk you through various ways to go about this.But before that, let’s tackle a few questions most people have always asked about picking the right flower colours for weddings, shall we?

Is Your Wedding Dress Colored?

Think carefully about the colour of your bouquet if you’re wearing a coloured gown. White wedding flowers are always in style, and they complement a coloured dress.Alternatively, you can go for a monochromatic shade and add flowers that tone with the gown’s colour. For example, if your wedding dress is blue, you can use flowers that have intense deep blue to paler blues.You can also use a complementary colour—for example, colours opposite each other on the artist's colour wheel are called complementary colours. Therefore if you're wearing a red gown, a green bouquet will be appropriate (the complementary colour to red).Yellow/purple and blue/orange are also complementary colours. To get a natural colour harmony, you have t use a complementary colour.

Is Your Wedding Dress White?

Picking a colour for your bouquet won't be challenging if your gown is white. You can combine your bloom with the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses.Some brides are afraid of having a white bouquet placed in front of their white gown. Adding a collar of dark green leaves or other flora around the bridal bouquet to make it stand out wonderfully is one approach to get around this.

Do You Want A Seasonal Color Theme?

Seasons inspire some wedding colour themes of the event taking place. A good example is a bride's wedding in may opt to combine the season’s rich orange colours with the bridesmaid’s dresses.

1. Green Wedding Bouquet

You can include green orchids, green foliage, tropical flowers, cacti and succulents, green hydrangeas as well as fruit in your bouquet. For a lovely Victorian effect, blend pink with green flowers. And for a striking contrast, pair black bridesmaid dresses with green bouquets.

2. White Wedding Flowers

It is a classic choice for your big day, with white representing purity and innocence, and they look lovely with any dress colour. Add a dark green Ruscus leaf collar to the bouquet to make it stand out if the wedding dress is white and you want a white-on-white design.

3. Pink Wedding Flowers

Pink wedding flowers are pretty and feminine, which is probably why most people today use them in wedding ceremonies. Use three distinct varieties of pink roses; the diverse tints and shades of pink in the bouquet will be stunning.

4. Purple Wedding Arrangements

Dark purple flowers can be too gloomy for a bridal bouquet, but you can lift the tone by adding bright coloured flowers. The combination of lime green and white blossoms is fantastic. Combining purple flowers with yellow flowers creates a magnificent colour.

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