How to Make Your Home Look Like a Magazine With Flower Arrangements

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Post: How to Make Your Home Look Like a Magazine With Flower Arrangements

Ideally, anyone can dump a bunch of blossoms into a vase, even though little more thinking and expertise are required. In other words, it takes some planning and preparation to produce a stunning centrepiece flower arrangement while also ensuring that the bouquets retain their colour and freshness.A flower arrangement can be enjoyable and straightforward after mastering the fundamentals, but how do you make your home look like a magazine with flower arrangements? This post will walk you through the six different things you must do to make your home look like a magazine—so let’s get started.

6 Ways To Make Your Home Look Like a Magazine

1. Decide On A Flower Arrangement Design

Before you go flower shopping, decide on a colour plan for your arrangement and once that’s done, know which hues will complement each other. Think about which arrangement to go with, and monochromatic designs, for example, show various tones of the same colour.When deciding on the arrangement design, try complementary hues that stand out against each other for a high-impact floral arrangement. You can also be systematic about your colour scheme because you will never go wrong with flower matching—get creative!

2. Cut And Prepare Flowers

It’s a bit enticing to start arranging your blooms soon after you get home. However, there are specific essential procedures to follow while preparing flowers to extend their life. For example, you’ll need to remove any excess leaves or damaged petals from the stems first.Additionally, you may want to cut off any undesirable buds on the same stalk as a complete bloom. After cleaning the stems, make a new diagonal cut at the bottom of the branches, then place the clipped stems in a vase or bucket filled with water and cut flower food.

3. Choose A Vessel

Consider the sort of flowers you're using when choosing a vase or container for your arrangement. Tulips, for instance, require the support of a straight-sided vase, whereas long branches or top-heavy blooms can demand a weighted vessel.It’s good to display flower arrangements in woven baskets rather than standard vases for an extra natural texture. Furthermore, you need to line the basket with a plastic container to store water and keep the flowers in place. Finally, fill it with moss around the container if required to hide it inside the basket.

4. Prepare Your Flower Vase

The most basic flower arrangement method has nothing to do with the flowers themselves—instead, it’s all about the vessel you place them in. Make a grid of floral tape around the lip of the vase to keep the flowers in place.Next, stick the stems through the grid's holes to hold them in place. If a strong base doesn’t support the flowers, they won’t remain in place, and your arrangement will break apart.

5. Create A Base With Greenery

The best method to arrange flowers is to start with foliage as a basis. Greenery staples include eucalyptus, ivy, and fern fronds. Create an inverted triangle form using the greenery stalks. This ensures that your layout has both a horizontal and a vertical presence. Also, before adding stems to the vase, make sure you recut them.

6. Add Focal Flowers

The brightest blooms with unique colours or textures are generally the focal flowers. Use odd numbers for a more natural (not symmetrical) appearance. Don't put the main flowers so far out on the sides that they seem drooping rather than vigorous and cheerful. Finally, placing the vase on a lazy susan allows you to see all sides of the vase without moving it.

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