How to Care For Newly Delivered Fresh Flowers

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Post: How to Care For Newly Delivered Fresh Flowers

Mill Park flowers | Flowers are a lovely complement to any environment—whether you’re presenting it to your loved one or gifting it to yourself. Unfortunately, flowers do not survive as long as we want, but we can extend the life of a single bud vase, an admired bouquet, or a gorgeous floral arrangement with proper care. Depending on the flower type used, floral arrangements typically endure four to seven days.

Following the essential cut flower care tips after you have received your bouquet will help your fresh flowers stay longer. However, knowing how to make your flowers live longer will increase their lifespan and help them stay vivid and long-lasting. So, how can you keep your newly delivered flowers fresh?

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1. Place Your Blooms In A Clean Vase

The vases are clean and bacteria-free, which is beneficial to the longevity of the flowers and make for fantastic Instagram photos. Remove your blooms from their bouquet and set them in a vase filled with clean water to hydrate the stems.

2. Feed Your Flowers

Like humans, flowers require nourishment, which is why Bountiful Courtyard Florist includes your flower arrangements with their food, which contains all of the nutrients and minerals that they need to keep healthy. Simply remove it from the sachet and insert it in the vase.

Flower food may seem insignificant, but it can improve the longevity of your flowers by up to 60%, which is quite a long time, even for delicate blossoms. Additionally, flower food contains compounds that inhibit the growth of germs and algae.

If the flower food is depleted, it's recommended to mix a little 7-Up or Sprite with water. The soft drink's acid inhibits bacterial growth, while the sugar nourishes your flower plant.

3. Check Your Flowers Daily

Fill the vase or container with fresh water regularly. Even if the vase contains floral foam, maintain the water level high to encourage long-lasting flowers. Fresh flower nourishment supplements the water in the vase. If you replace the water completely, you should properly clean the container or vase and fill it with new water mixed with fresh flower food.

The flower meals that the mill park flowers florists provide contain the essential components to properly nourish the flowers, keep germs off, promote the opening of the buds, and extend the life of your flower arrangement. However, follow the instructions on the packaging strictly because inappropriate blended flower food can potentially cause more harm than benefit.

4. Re-cut Their Stems

Remove the bloom from the container and re-cut its stems every few days. From the bottom of the stem, cut 3/4 to 1 inch and ensure to cut the stem at an angle to give the bloom the best opportunity of absorbing water.

Make use of a sharp knife, scissor or flower cutter. Avoid slamming or piercing the stems since this might damage the water vessels in the stem and limit water absorption. Remove wasted or damaged flowers or leaves from the vase that has fallen below the waterline.

To re-cut the stems, grasp the knotted arrangement at the twine-bound position. Tie the stems together with string slightly above the vase's edge before removing them—to avoid upsetting the stem placements in a vase arrangement. Then re-fill the vase with fresh water and flower food.

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