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Roses are one of the world’s oldest flowers and arguably the most preferred ones you can order from a Florist in Essendon.

They have a distinctive aroma that sets off a romantic mood in the air. Additionally, you can use roses during special ceremonies like birthdays, weddings, or funerals.

They’re perishable, but you don't have to throw away your beautiful roses—you can preserve and keep them longer. Below are some popular ways of keeping your roses fresh forever.

1. Preserve Them With Glycerin

Glycerin can keep your roses moisturized—making them look graceful and lively. Besides, glycerin gives roses a rubbery and pliable feel, preventing them from drying. By using glycerin, flowers can maintain their texture and won’t wrinkle.

Although glycerin will give your roses the supple touch on the leaves, their colour will grow faint over time. However, if you choose to use glycerin on your roses, complement it with food colouring dyes recommended by most Florists in Essendon.

2. Freeze Dry Them

Although the process of freezing your roses is complicated and costly, its result is adorable. Freezing keeps the appearance and colour of your roses intact.

Freeze-drying flower is a complicated process, so you may consider looking for the services of a florist near you. That aside, this process (freeze-drying) sucks moisture from the petals, leaving your flower looking lovely, brilliant with a pleasing fragrance.

The only downside of this method is that freeze-dried flowers are delicate, so you should take great care when handling them.

3. Microwave Your Roses

This method may sound odd to many, but using a microwave is the best option if you want to dry your roses fast. It bears some risks, though, but you will get the best out of it if you are careful. First, draw out the stem from your rose, then follow the procedure below:

  • Find a container suitable to use in the microwave and refrain from using plates. Instead, set coffee filters around the roses to absorb excess moisture
  • Apply silica gel about one to two inches at the bottom of the container
  • Place your bunch of roses up in the gel, then further add about two inches of the gel
  • Set up your microwave to defrost for three to five minutes. Roses can bear up to higher temperatures for long
  • Take the container out of the microwave, then cover it
  • Slightly open the container, then leave it for up to 24 hours
  • Completely remove the container cover and then clean the gel out using a fine brush

4. Encase Them in Epoxy Resin

If you wish to safe-keep your roses and convert them into decoration or paperweights, hang them in epoxy resin. If you decide to use this preservation method, take time to contemplate and decide on the type of mould you want.

Your roses will take the shape of the mould that you choose, so select the mould that you love best. Many people go for spherical mould designs. That said, follow the process below:

  • Pour epoxy resin into the mould (half full)
  • Put the roses in the mould, then arrange them to your best liking
  • Top-up the remaining part of the mould with the resin, then wait
  • After the resin has dried, take out the mould and display it

5. Use Sand to Take Away Moisture

Sand also sucks out moisture from your roses—making them dry. This method is cheap, fast, and easy because you can get sand for free from a beach near you.

Although the sanding method is affordable, the tiny grains of the sand may get stuck in your roses—making it challenging to remove the sand particles, especially if the flower has huge crevices.

Hang your roses upside-down as it’s one of the best ways to remove excess sand grains from your rose flower.

6. Use Silica Gel

Silica gel is an alternative method to most we’ve discussed, though you can use it repeatedly. The technique resembles the sanding method since its particles extract excess moisture from flowers. However, this method requires you to put silica gel in an airtight container.

Some silica gel brands have blue crystals, which change colour to show how much moisture has been drawn in. The blue colour changes to pink while drawing in moisture from the roses.

This helps you to know when the silica gel’s ability to dry is depleted. Then, to use the gel once more, bake it to take off all moisture. The advantage of this method is that you can reuse the gel, making it economical.

Take Action With These Roses Preservation Tips By a Florist Essendon

Flowers are lovely and can bring back beautiful memories of notable events in our lives, but you cannot the problem of them going bad. These preservation techniques will allow your rose flower or any other blooms to retain a completely natural look and touch.

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