Funeral Flower Arrangements: 6 Flowers Used in Sympathy Arrangements

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Post: Funeral Flower Arrangements: 6 Flowers Used in Sympathy Arrangements

Sympathy flowers are an excellent way to show support to a family that is grieving the loss of a loved one. Such flowers convey love, facilitate expression, provide meaning, and communicate emotions that words fail to capture. However, knowing which type of best funeral flower arrangements to gift the bereaved can be challenging.

Funeral flowers symbolise specific emotions, and the bereaved will understand the general message in any context. Various types of flowers can communicate slightly different meanings, so it’s essential to understand the culture and religious beliefs of the bereaved. In this post, I’ll explore various meanings of the five most popular types of funeral flowers arrangements.

When Should I Send Sympathy Flowers?

There is no wrong time to send sympathy flowers to a grieving family. It doesn’t matter when you heard the news—whether before or after the funeral ceremony—you can still send funeral flower arrangements.

What Do People Consider?

The pain of grief can often cause most families to withdraw from others. But providing emotional support to other people is vital in healing from the loss. Most families prefer to donate and help them in the final days before laying down their loved ones.

The traditional way of adorning the casket with fresh flowers is typically selected by the closest family members—spouse, children, siblings, parents, etc.—the flower arrangements, types of funeral flowers used, among other considerations.

You can send Flowers to individual grieving family members at their home. A simple potted orchid or a dozen roses is a peaceful, nondescript gift that the bereaved may welcome in the days and weeks following the untimely demise of the fallen hero.

A bouquet of  Chrysanthemums or a dozen roses is a peaceful, nondescript gift that bereaved family will welcome in the days and weeks following the sudden passing of the deceased. That said, below are the six best funeral flowers you can opt for.

1. Lilies

Lilies are the go-to flower for funeral ceremonies because they possess strong ties to views about the afterlife and the deceased’s soul. Around the world, lilies have been perceived to symbolise purity and radiance.

You can arrange a basket of lilies in memory of the deceased. And when bringing them to a funeral, pass a message that the deceased's soul has been restored to a state of innocence.

2. Carnations

Carnations are often used in funeral wreaths and standing sprays. As with other flowers, each of the colours have their meaning.

For example, red carnations show affection; pink carnations send a remembrance, while white carnations symbolise innocence.

The rainbow reflections basket can allow you to mix several carnation colours to express your feelings fully to the bereaved family.

3. Chrysanthemums

The meaning behind chrysanthemums varies globally. In most European countries, chrysanthemums are a symbol of death and are only used for funerals. However, in some Asian countries, chrysanthemums symbolise rebirth and best for baby shower celebrations.

The white chrysanthemum is a symbol of loyalty and devoted love. In general, chrysanthemums represent happiness, love, longevity and joy to the deceased family.  In some European countries, mums are only meant for funeral arrangements.

4. Gladioli

When mourning someone who displays strength and character in life, gladioli is the best flower to send because its shape reflects personality and strength.

They are named after the Latin word ‘gladius,’ meaning sword. The gladiolus flower's meaning is strength and integrity, but it could also symbolize infatuation.

5. Roses

Roses have a universal meaning that makes them ideal as a funeral flower. All roses symbolize God's love at work in the world. However, other rose colours could also represent different spiritual concepts.

For example, white roses mean purity and holiness, yellow roses mean wisdom and joy, pink roses mean gratitude and peace, while red roses mean passion and sacrifice.

Additionally, if you want to express deep sorrow and grief, consider sending Teleflora’s Rose tribute bouquet in deep crimson roses.

6. Orchids

Orchids symbolise love, but different colours have different meanings. For example, the red orchid represents romance, desire, and passion. Usually, you can gift red orchids to people you love, and they make the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

The imperial purple orchid is potted in a modern container and has a graceful presence. They symbolize royalty and admiration, but they’re traditionally given as a sign of respect to the dead.

What Do White Roses Mean?

Like white lilies, white roses represent purity and innocence and are a common addition to sympathy and funeral flower arrangements.

You can also use other various rose colours to remember the deceased. Although sympathy flowers could have different meanings from country to country, white roses remain a popular funeral flower.

Order Your Sympathy Flowers Today

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Add a single rose to any bouquet or flower arrangement to express your enduring love and appreciation of the deceased.

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