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Post: Funeral Flower Arrangements

Grieving the loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging and emotional life experiences, it can also be the most stressful. Sending Sympathy Flowers help to show your love and support and displaying Funeral Flowers at the funeral reception play an important role in helping to celebrate the life lived and lost.

When it comes to selecting the best funeral flowers there are many things to consider including how close you were with the departed, the style and colour of the flowers and your budget. Most people attend a funeral with a small bouquet, or a single rose or flower stem, however others opt for a more elaborate arrangement like a wreath or casket arrangement. There are many popular funeral flower arrangements and flower choices. Lilies are one of the most traditional flower arrangements as they symbolise the soul of the departed. Wreaths are also a popular choice in terms of floral arrangements as they symbolise the circle of life.

Some of the most popular funeral flowers being:

  • Lilies roses
  • Carnations
  • Orchids
  • Gerberas
  • Australian natives 
Traditionally classic arrangements that consist of neutrals and soft whites are popular; however some people choose to opt for bright blooms or a specific type of flower they know the departed person loved in their lifetime. If in doubt, a traditional bouquet is a good option, or you can call one of our experienced funeral flower arrangement florists to help guide you through the selection process. Most people bring flowers to a funeral, while others who are located interstate or overseas choose to have their flowers delivered to the service by their selected funeral flower arrangement florist. At Bountiful Courtyard Boutique we deliver funeral flowers and sympathy flowers to funeral homes, crematoriums, homes, offices and hospitals. Sympathy flowers aren’t just sent in times of grief and loss, they can also be sent as a supportive thoughtful gesture in times of illness and hardship. The cost of funeral flowers greatly depends on how elaborate the funeral flower arrangement is, and on what particular flowers are used. Generally florists will have budget-friendly options, and at the end of the day, it’s the gesture that counts. At Bountiful Courtyard Boutique we ensure we cater to most budgets, supplying single stems, cheap funeral flower arrangements to luxury bouquets and everything in between.

There are popular arrangement choices also:

  • Funeral Rose
  • Funeral Single-Stem Flower
  • Funeral wreaths 
  • Casket Flowers 
  • Sympathy Flowers
If the departed person was a unique individual who liked a quirky take on life, you might opt for something other than funeral flower arrangements and instead lean towards a living plant. Gifting a living plant to a funeral service can be a symbolic token of remembrance and provide sentimental value to the family moving forward. However, keep in mind that losing a loved one is emotionally tolling the last thing you want to do is add pressure onto the family to take care of something; it’s best to check with the family first and make them aware that you would prefer to bring, or have delivered a living plant. It’s never too late to send Sympathy Flowers. Most people order funeral flower arrangements or sympathy flowers as soon as they hear of a passing. However some people opt to send flowers weeks later, helping to further show support after the service has passed and remind the family they are still in their thoughts. We hope we have helped you with our Funeral Flower Arrangement tips. We understand selecting flowers in a time of grief is challenging. If you would like help in placing an order please call us and we will help you through the process, arranging everything from the Funeral Flower Arrangement to the delivery.
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