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Post: Melbourne Wedding Florist – Planning Your Flowers

Planning a wedding can be exciting and exhausting, after all, there are so many small details that need to be addressed. Often couples will hire a professional wedding planner to assist with managing their wedding plans and organisation, however not all couples can afford the luxury of having someone do the planning for them, or some just enjoy the creative and planning aspect too much to pass it over to someone else. 

When it comes to planning your wedding organisation is crucial. You will need to set up appointments with various companies, keep track of your budget and ensure everything is confirmed and booked ahead of your big day. 

Flowers are a traditional part of weddings, they not only help support and strengthen the overarching theme of your big day by complementing the finer details like your wedding dress, they also symbolise hope, passion and life. There are many varieties and options for wedding flowers and finding a reputable wedding florist in Melbourne will help you turn your vision into reality. 

Preparation Is Key To Success

The options for wedding flowers can feel overwhelming, and preparation is truly the key to success. Planning the details of your wedding flowers with your Melbourne wedding florist should be a top priority in your wedding planner. 

Some people plan their ‘big day’ in their younger years and seem to definitively know exactly how they want their wedding to look and feel when it comes to tying the knot, others lack inspiration. If you struggle to find inspiration it’s a good idea to create a wedding board on Pinterest and start pinning wedding inspiration images that catch your eye. As you travel further along in your wedding planning journey you can refine your, board, until you are satisfied with the mood of your wedding theme. You can also add multiple boards for different components of your wedding, for example ‘wedding flower ideas’ and ‘wedding dresses’. 

When you go to your first appointment with your Melbourne Wedding Florist, it’s essential to show your florist your inspiration. It not only helps save time if you already have a feel of what you want your wedding flowers to look like, it also helps your Coburg Florist clarify any finer details. 

Instagram is also a popular platform to utilise when seeking wedding flower inspiration. You can follow wedding photographers, dressmakers and florists to help further gauge the style you are after. 

Wedding flower inspiration 

Accumulating wedding flower inspiration will help your florist work out what you will be able to afford with your floral budget, and may provide you alternative bloom options that are similar to the style you want, but more budget-friendly. 

Having a wedding flower mood board will also help you confirm the colour palette of your wedding. Having a colour palette as a guide is paramount to having a wedding where the style feels like it flows, rather than disjointed and mismatched. If you want an Insta worthy wedding you need to stick with a colour palette. Colour palettes are designed to layer accent colours with a foundation colour, for example, you might opt for a neutral foundation colour of soft whites, layered with soft pastel accents. 

Deciding on your colour guide will help your florist perfect your arrangements. 

Set a Wedding Budget

Setting a wedding budget should also be on your list of priorities as your wedding budget will be an important factor when it comes to suppliers, venues and decision making. If you are on a tight-budget think of areas you would feel comfortable with a DIY job and if possible ask family and friends to help you with your creations. 

If family and friends are happy to contribute to your wedding in terms of money, it’s essential you speak with them directly and ask how much they will be comfortable contributing. You don’t want the added stress of financial pressure or awkwardness when it comes time for them to pay their portion. 

Generally, half of the wedding budget is dedicated towards providing food and beverages for guests and if you are on a budget, quality over quantity counts; if your budget savvy you can refine your guest list to your closest circle, cutting out any acquaintances this will greatly reduce your wedding bill.

When you have your appointment with your Melbourne Wedding Florist it’s important to be confident when conveying your ideas and style, as well as your budget. Letting your florist know about your budget straight away will help quicken the process of planning your wedding flowers as your florist will be able to gauge exactly what will work for your vision and budget. 

Certain floral arrangements like floral arches and garlands will be able to be used for other areas of your wedding, like the reception, and as a photography prop for guests. Reusing floral arrangements for the rest of the day will further help stretch your budget.

Hire a Wedding Florist Melbourne

Not all wedding florists are equal when it comes to both quality and experience. You want to ensure you are only enlisting the services of a professional Melbourne Wedding Florist you trust. You need to be assured that your Melbourne Wedding Florist specialises in weddings, as otherwise finer details may be missed. A wedding florist that has extensive experience in weddings will also know the etiquette in terms of delivery, reliability and set-up. 

Ensuring you hire a full-service florist is also crucial. A full-service florist will not only provide you with flowers, they will also take care of the delivery, set-up and floral transfers (enabling you to reuse the ceremony flowers at the reception).  

At Bountiful Courtyard Boutique we are a full-service Wedding Florist and have been preparing and delivering quality Melbourne Wedding Flowers to couples for over twenty-five years. We pride ourselves on the quality we deliver and on our attentiveness to bring your vision to life. We cater for all budgets, small and large with a minimum spend of $1500.00.

If you would like to book an appointment, contact one of our friendly staff. 


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