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Post: Sympathy Flowers [A Guide]

Sympathy flowers are a way to express yourself when words fall short. It’s no secret that this past year has been a hard time for us all. If you’re reading this, chances are you need to send sympathy flowers for someone’s loss.

If you aren’t sure what to send in these difficult times, this article is here to guide you through it. Our florists at Bountiful Courtyard have put together the best sympathy flowers in this useful article.

The Importance of Funeral Flowers

For centuries, flowers have been used as a symbolic gesture to express condolences at funerals. After losing a loved one, it can be hard to know what to say or how to say it.

Especially with COVID-19, the rise of remote funerals is becoming more popular. You can send flowers to the family’s home if you can’t physically be there yourself. They’re a beautiful way to show your love and respect.

Here are some of the most precious sympathy flowers you can give for funerals.

  • Carnations. White carnations symbolise purity and innocence, and pink ones represent remembrance. A bouquet of mixed coloured carnations is an excellent choice for funeral flowers.
  • Chrysanthemums. These are a popular bloom to use at funerals since white once symbolise grief and sadness. In certain countries, people associate them with the afterlife.
  • Lilies. The lily is a beautiful flower that means pure love and innocence. Bountiful Courtyard has some lovely funeral bouquets that incorporate these blooms.
  • Gladioli. Since they symbolise respect and moral integrity, these flowers are perfect for a parent or grandparent who’s passed away.

When to Send Sympathy Flowers

Upon hearing about the death, it’s customary to send sympathy flowers as soon as possible. That being said, it’s still thoughtful to send them a few weeks afterwards. This shows the family they’re still in your thoughts.

If the deceased was a coworker or you didn’t know them very well, it may be better just to send a card. Alternatively, some religions don’t have the custom to send funeral flowers, such as in the Jewish faith. Be sure to make sure flowers are appropriate to send before ordering. If not, you can also send a hamper box with gifts.

Flower Delivery Options

If you’re unsure which flowers to send after someone has experienced a loss, don’t worry. We have ready-made funeral bouquets with appropriate blooms. For example, one of our popular flowers box for funerals includes lilies, carnations, and irises.

In some instances, it can also be appropriate to send roses if you had a close relationship with the deceased. Most of the time, bloom flowers for funerals are muted colours like pale pink, blue, and white. However, it’s also not unheard of to send more vibrant colours such as violet and yellow. You can choose one of the pre-arranged bouquets in our online shop, or have one custom-made.

If you tell our florists the deceased’s favourite flowers, we can put together a unique arrangement. To get started with your flower delivery, call us on +61 (3) 9303 9696. We’re happy to provide individual assistance in these trying times.

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