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Greenvale florist - Looking for the perfect way to spread Christmas cheer this year? There is no better way to say Merry Christmas than fresh and bright flowers delivered straight to your loved ones’ door. At Bountiful Courtyard, we offer contactless delivery for festive floral displays, vibrant bouquets, and gift baskets to all of our Melbourne friends and family. 

Place an order for Christmas flower delivery and give the gift of bold blooms. They’re sure to brighten the holiday season for all. 

Greenvale florist

Bring some Christmas magic into the home with blooms of red, green, and white. From the timeless poinsettia to whimsical white lilies, fill your space with Christmas spirit and these holiday favourites: 

  • Poinsettias. The epitome of Christmas flowers, you may be surprised to learn that these red beauties are shrubs. The red variety may be the most popular for the holiday season, but feel free to mix it up this year with whites and pinks—or layer them for a festive display! 
  • Christmas Rose. Contrary to its name, this flower of the buttercup family got its name from its tendency to bloom from the snowy ground during Christmas. Pure white petals with brilliant golden stamens make this flower a standout addition to any arrangement. 
  • Amaryllis. Another Christmas favourite, this dramatic flower is sure to wow the recipient. Symbolising love and beauty, it’s no wonder why this ruby red flower is such a popular choice. 
  • Roses. Although this timeless classic comes in all hues, we recommend red and white varieties for your holiday decorating. Christmastime is all about love, and nothing says love like a rose. 
  • White lilies. A symbol of hope and purity, these snow-white flowers are the perfect touch to your Christmas arrangements. Mix them in with reds and greens to add a pop of delicate contrast to your display. 
  • Pansies. Tired of red and green? These whimsical and resilient little flowers make for a unique and colourful holiday decoration. 

Adding Flowers to Your Christmas Decorations

Wondering how to incorporate flowers into your Christmas decorations? Try mixing fresh flowers in with your ornaments to dress up the tree in a burst of colour. Or, create eye-catching centrepieces with greens, bold blooms, and tall candles. 

We also love to create wreaths of fragrant fir dotted with red holly, juniper berries, and festive bows. There are endless ways to brighten your holiday decorations with flowers, and we are here to help. 

Place your order for Christmas flower delivery, and we will be more than happy to create the piece of your dreams! From mistletoe to holly, and everything in between, we have you covered.  

Greenvale florist

Take the stress off the holidays with beautiful, fresh flowers delivered straight to your door. Place an order for Christmas flower delivery by 5 pm and receive them the same day! You can order through our website or give us a call at 03 9303 9696. 

Happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas from us, at Bountiful Courtyard, to you and yours!

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