Explained: Rose Colour Meanings

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Post: Explained: Rose Colour Meanings

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “what do different colours of roses mean?”. Rose colour meanings have different significance. In this blog, we will explore those meanings in detail. 

Hopefully, knowing the difference between the colours of roses will help you choose the right colour flowers. At Bountiful Courtyard, we have fresh roses year-round in attractive bundles, such as our Key to My Heart package.  

White Roses 

White rose colour meaning

White roses are associated with purity, innocence, and love. They’re perfect for giving to a new love in your life. You’ll see many white roses at a wedding because they signify new beginnings. 


Although they may look similar to white roses, ivory roses have a different significance. They are thought to represent grace, charm, and wealth. Giving someone ivory roses can be a sign you respect them and admire them. 


Did you know that yellow roses symbolised jealousy in Victorian society? Nowadays, they represent friendship and compassion. These are the perfect flowers to give to someone who feels lonely, sick, or just needs some cheering up! 


If someone you know has been in a mellow mood, orange flowers can re-energise their space. These roses represent enthusiasm, energy, and excitement. They can be a positive way to express your admiration for a loved one. 


The sweet-coloured peach rose is to show gratitude and appreciation. You can send them to a client after closing a business deal as a way to say “thank you.” You can also send them to a close friend as a token of your love. 


The rare lavender rose can represent mystery and enchantment. Since purple is associated with royalty, your loved one will feel quite flattered to receive these. Bouquets of lavender roses are simply stunning and perfect for holidays like Mother’s Day. 

Light pink 

pink rose colour meaning

If you want to bring someone joy, you can’t go wrong with light pink roses. These classic flowers can have many uses, such as expressing sympathy or appreciation. They’re also appropriate as wedding flowers since they symbolise love. 

Dark pink 

A deep pink rose can represent recognition and pride. Dark pink roses are an excellent choice to bring to a dance recital or other performance. The recipient is sure to feel appreciated and admired with a dark pink rose. 

Red Roses 

red rose colour meaning

Classic red roses are the quintessential romantic gesture. At Bountiful Courtyard, our Love Story box features six long-stemmed roses in red, yellow, white, or pink. If you want to make a lasting impression, red roses are worth it. 


Green roses are a bit of a wild card, but they can symbolise youth and rejuvenation. A bouquet of green roses is sure to surprise and uplift someone. 


For the unique man or woman in your life, blue roses can be the perfect gift. They represent independence, uniqueness, and mystery. 

Rose Colour Meanings Conclusion 

As you can see, there is an abundance of rose colour meanings. We hope this guide has been enlightening and exciting. Contact Bountiful Courtyard to order a fresh bouquet with free delivery today! 

Rose Colour Meaning
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