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A birth-flower is similar to a birthstone or zodiac sign in that it holds a special meaning or symbolizes a particular concept or emotion. Birth-flowers can have deep sentimental value and we here at Bountiful Courtyard are happy to have you select from our complete set of locally sourced birth-flowers. You need not worry about quality and time as our flower delivery in Dallas will ensure that your orders arrive on-time and remain safe and fresh. Capitalize on our Dallas flower delivery and have with you now your very own birth-flower. Below is a list with information on each one. 

JANUARY: Carnation and Snowdrop 

For January babies, one can choose between either the Carnation or the Snowdrop. Carnations come in a variety of colors and the meaning will depend on the color; pink means affection, red is for love, white is for pure love, and striped carnations mean resentful or unreciprocated love. The Snowdrop is primarily only white and stands for hope and beauty.

FEBRUARY: Violet & Primrose

Those born in the season of love can choose from the Violet or Primrose. Both are colored purple. Coinciding with one of the most celebrated holidays in the world, Valentine’s Day, the purple pair of flowers stand for loyalty and faithfulness.

MARCH: Daffodil & Jonquil

Those born in March can either choose from the Daffodil or the Jonquil. These two flowers are very similar as they come from the same family and look nearly identical. Both have yellow blooms and help mark the coming of spring. Daffodils and Jonquils mean unequal love and are associated with rebirth, much like the season that they welcome.

APRIL: Daisy & Sweet Pea 

These flowers are both recognized as the official flower for the month of April and are some of the most widely known among those associated with the season of spring. The Daisy signifies innocence, purity, and loyal love; while the Sweet Pea signifies blissful pleasure. 

MAY: Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn

Most flowers have fully blossomed by the time May comes around. The Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn are unique flowers that are predominantly white in color and have a very simple yet regal appearance. The Lily of the Valley means humility, sweetness, and symbolizes a return to happiness. The Hawthorn means hope and supreme happiness.

JUNE: Rose & Honeysuckle

June babies can choose between either the Rose or the Honeysuckle. Much like the Carnation, the heavily favored Rose’s meaning also depends on its color. Pink Roses mean perfect happiness, while the classic red ones stand for love. White Roses symbolize purity and yellow ones mean jealousy. The arching and graceful-looking Honeysuckle represents the love’s eternal and unbreakable bond.

JULY: Larkspur & Water Lily

The Larkspur and Water Lily are both well regarded and distinctive birth-flowers. The tall Larkspur signifies the strong bonds of love while the ever-blooming Water Lily represents purity and majesty.

AUGUST: Gladiolus & Poppy 

The Poppy, similar to the Carnation and Rose, varies in both color and meaning. Red Poppies mean pleasure while white ones are meant for consolation. Yellow Poppies are attributed to wealth and success. The Gladiolus is a versatile flower in that it is connected to several different meanings; some of which are remembrance, infatuation, calmness, and integrity. 

SEPTEMBER: Aster & Morning Glory

The birth-flower of September babies revolve all around the aspect of love. The Aster means optimism and love for all, while the Morning Glory signifies love and affection for those close to you.

OCTOBER: Marigold & Cosmos

October birth-flowers are said to be some of the most vibrant flowers both on this list and of the season. The beautifully clustered Marigolds symbolize optimism and prosperity, while the abundant Cosmos represent harmony and serenity. 

NOVEMBER: Chrysanthemums 

Of all the months on this list, November is the only one with a single birth-flower. November babies should take to heart the Chrysanthemum and the respective color of your choice. Identical in representation to the Carnation, red is for love while white is for pure love. Yellow means slighted or one-sided love. 

DECEMBER: Narcissus & Holly

Lastly, those born in the festive month of December can choose between the holiday flowers that are Holly and Narcissus. The Holly symbolizes domestic happiness and is the perfect gift, especially for those who are coming home. The beautiful white and yellow Narcissus, when gifted to one’s beloved, symbolizes perfect love. 

Flower Delivery Dallas

When it comes to selecting which birth-flower to get, it mainly boils down to which flower describes you, or the person you want to give it to, best. Worry not because it is not a “choose only 1” scenario; if you feel strongly about getting both, then feel free to do so, unless you were born in November that is.

Flower Delivery Dallas
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